BeijingDoraySolarScience & TechnologyDevelopmentCenter, was established in 1996 and was plat-form company of Beijing Automation Technical Research Institute, We are also working partners of Beijing Photovoltaic Technology Institute, Beijing Energy Association. We have our own high-tech Lab invested by Chinese Government.
    Our products includes Solar panel/module, Solar lawn light,. Solar garden light, Solar Street Light, Solar traffic signal light, Solar products for family use( Fan, Flashlight, emergency light, desk lamp, animal light), Inverter/Controller, photovoltaic power system. Our products are exported to American, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Thailand, India, Australia, and so on. Our products are well-designed, beautifully-shaped, and with reliable functions and economical price.
    We are especially mature in PV power station designing, construction. We could supply Autonomous & Grid connected PV power station. We have finished PV power stations in China as the following:
    1. 20KW grid connected PV power station in GULOU, Beijing,
    2. 80KW Grid connected PV power station for Xiao Tang Shan conference center
    3. 27KW Grid connected PV power station for 2008 Olympic baseball Gym in Fengtai District, Beijing
    4. 70KW Grid connected PV power station for 2008 Olympic Gym above all in Shunyi District
    5. Autonomous PV power station in one military base in Jinan, Shandong Province
    6. Autonomous PV power station for Hongmiao residence area in Chaoyang District, Beijing
Also, we have finished big projects for other products as the following:
    1. Boat with Solar Oxygen adding system for BeihaiPark in Beijing,
    2. SolarGarden light in Plant park in Beijing
    3. SolarGarden, Lawn lights in Eastern Celebrity Residence Area in ShandongProvince
    4. Solar Traffic light in Tian’an men Square in Beijing.
We are trying our best to supply clear energy to you and hoping successful business cooperation between us.